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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Plague Book Update

May 28, 2017
Hi, All!
     I hope all of you have been well and your lives full of joy as summer begins.  I've been on the road quite a bit of late.  One of my stops was in St. Louis at the Missouri History Museum.  There, I met up with many of the individuals who helped with my documentary film: "The Story of 'Shelley v. Kraemer."  The film will be showing at the museum for a whole year, until April of 2018.  It is running "on a loop" in a theater area of the museum within the Civil Rights Exhibit, so if you are in the area, please stop in and watch it and enjoy the whole exhibit. We all had a wonderful day.  We went through the exhibit together and watched the film.  After that, we all went to the Shelley Home, now a National Historic Landmark, and were able to visit with the family currently living there.  I want to thank Deshon and Mr. and Mrs. Moore for inviting us all into their home.  We all had a wonderful time and a great visit. Note: one picture is of us all at the entrance to the exhibit at the museum; the other photo is of us all in the front yard of the Shelley Home - next to the monument explaining the home's significance.
    I've also been wrapping up my book about the last major outbreak of the Black Plague in the United States.  The plague was spread by way of fleas on rats and squirrels.  I've been able to take several good pictures of squirrels for the Photo Section of the book, but I'm having a difficult time figuring out how I'm going to get pictures of rats that I can use in the book.  If any of you have any suggestions about that, please e-mail me.
   I wish you all a wonderful summer full of adventures and great reading!