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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Lt. Elsie Ott's Top Secret Mission

April 16, 2020
Hi, All!
     Today I also wanted to post the link to the radio program I did about my newest book, Lt. Elsie Ott's Top Secret Mission.  I also did this program for Veterans Radio (and the Armed Services Radio Network) for veterans and those who are currently serving.  I'm hoping that this book will provide a good distraction for everyone while so many of us are in isolation because of Covid-19.  I know so many of our people in the service right now are being told to stay where they are, and the opportunities for entertainment are small.  Hopefully, this radio program will lift spirits.  This book is the story of a true American hero, a person who literally changed the way we live.  This year is the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote and other rights as well.  Lt. Elsie Ott is considered one of the most important women of the 20th Century, and when you read the book you will see why.  She was an amazing person, and her legacy will live on forever.
   Here is the link to the interview.  I hope you enjoy it!
   Take care -- and stay well!

Covid-19/Plague Interview

April 16, 2020
Hi, All!
    First of all, I hope this finds you well and doing your best to stay safe at this terrible time. I know better days are coming, but right now these are tough times for us all.  However, we will get through this.  We WILL!
  Several of you have asked me to post the link to the program I did for Veterans Radio (and the Armed Services Radio Network) that was broadcast worldwide to our veterans and those who are still serving now.  I'll provide the link below.  The interview basically get into how the Black Plague outbreak in 1924 in Los Angeles and what we are going through today are so similar.  Actually, what we learned about dealing with a pandemic in 1924 has served as a model for what we are doing to stem the increase of Covid-19 now.  In 1924, the officials, both medical and with the government, went to strict isolation, self-distancing (forced), and a "tracking" of the spread so that it could be stopped.  If you haven't read the book Plague in Paradise yet, you might find some answers to what is going on today in those pages.
     Here is the link:

Please -- PLEASE, everyone take care -- and stay well!